It Pays
to Play

Millions of prizes just a win away


Win Real Prizes for playing Unreal Games

In ArcadeQuest players play skilled based gamesĀ (ex. Fortnite) and can redeem their winnings for anything in our prize store. Our prize store is integrated with Amazon, giving players access to a selection of millions of prizes.

A Mobile Platform

For gamers to win tokens and redeem them for millions of prizes


Play & Redeem

ArcadeQuest allows gamers to play their favourite games and translate their in game success to real life pleasure. eSports allows players to win prizes for playing games. We're making the eSports experience accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. We integrate with existing games allows players to win prizes for playing games that they love!


One Account, All the fun

Our system seamlessly integrates with existing games, becoming a central hub to track your winnings. All you winnings and redemptions are managed, tracked, and redeemed through the ArcadeQuest app.